Manufacture Process and Equipment of Molybdenum Sheet

Molybdenum Sheet Picture
Item Process Equipment Quality check point
      1  Physical and chemical properties
1 Mo billet   2  Measurements of sheet billet
2 Check   3  Surface quality
      4  Unit net weight of billet material
3 Hot rolled Hot mill 1   Measurements (thickness, width)
4 Annealing 200T press machine 2   Surface crack, stratification for two ends
5 Alkali wash Alkali bath furnace 3   Skew rolling
6 Check   4   Flatness
7 Warm rolled Four –high cold mill 1  Measurements  (length, width and thickness)
8 Vacuum annealing Vacuum annealing furnace 2  Side crack, bubbles on surface
9 Check   3   Flatness
10 Cold rolled Four –high cold mill 1  Density
11 Leveling W43G series straightened 2  Measurements (length, width,  and thickness)
12 Cut Hydraulic plate shears 3  Surface quality, bubbles on surface
13 Vacuum annealing Vacuum annealing furnace     5  Roll mark, stress ,Flatness
14 Check   6  Quality standard:GB/T3876-2007 or ASTM
15 Package   7  Show certificate of quality